BORIS GOLJEVŠČEK, Chairman of the Board


The competences of the Chairman of the board include: proposing operating policies, annual programs, financial plans, development plans and taking measures for their implementation. The Chairman reports on the operating results to the Management board and the Supervisory board at least once every quarter of the year or at the request of the members of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, or the founder of the Foundation. Implementation of the resolutions and the decisions of the Management Board, convening and chairing the meetings of the Management Board and performing other functions stipulated by law, the Foundation Act, this Statute or other Acts of the Foundation.

ANDREJ UTENKAR, Member of the Board


The Management Board is obligated to manage the Foundation's operations, the employees' work, as well as the Foundation's assets with due diligence in accordance with the law, the Foundation Act and this Statute. The Management Board must report to the founder, the President of the Foundation and the Supervisory board on its work and operations on annual basis. The Management board must submit, to the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, the Report on the activities and financial operations of the Foundation in the previous calendar year, no later than the end of March.

MIRO KRALJ, Member of the Board


The Management of the Foundation manages the allocation of the revenue in accordance with the law, the purpose of the Foundation and the Acts of the Foundation. The revenue can be used only for the implementation of the purpose and the operation of the Foundation. At the end of every half-year period the Management board shall report to the Supervisory board and the founder of the Foundation on how the revenue was allocated. The Management board shall keep a record of the Foundation's assets and its allocation.

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The purpose of a foundation is charitable if it has been established for the purpose of helping persons who are in need of such help.

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