The FOUNDATION ANCHOR annually awards scholarships to pupils and students, children of seafarers who are in social distress or gifted children.

It helps them through financial assistance, promotion of education by awarding scholarships, care for active participation in sports and sponsorship of other extra-curricular youth activities. Special prevention programs for the social integration of people with disabilities and employment assistance through the establishment of social enterprises are organized for the disabled people.

The Board


The Board shall conclude on the method of the aid, the amount of financial assistance or scholarships, the duration of the assistance and adopts a Decision of the Management Board. The Decision of the Board is final and without rights to appeal. By covering membership fees of associations or tuition hour fees it encourages the participation in sports, music or other cultural activities. The sponsorship encourages particularly gifted children to achieve superior results.

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The purpose of a foundation is charitable if it has been established for the purpose of helping persons who are in need of such help.

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